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Transporting Cigars

Travel/Portable Humidors and Cigar Cases

From time-to-time, you are going to want to take your cigars with you, and unfortunately lugging your desktop humidor is not practical. The answer is travel/portable humidor or cigar case. Both have advantages. The important thing to remember is that protecting the cigar is the objective.

Travel/Portable Humidors:

These units come in various sizes and are made of different materials, depending on your environment that you are taking your cigars into. The two most popular are either units are made of a rigid plastic-type material or small suitcase-style units.

The rigid style units come in a variety of sizes, designed to hold from 5 up to 85 cigars. The cases are usually advertised as indestructible, and are especially popular with golfers, fly-fishermen and other sports-related users. They are excellent at protecting the cigars, and most offer some type of basic humidification. The down size is their size, since most are not designed for carrying on your person. Many customers use these units as their primary humidor until they purchase a desk top unit.

The suitcase-style units are typically not made ofa rigid construction, but more of a miniature attache’ case. Protection is good, and some type of humidification is included. Again, size is a factor.

Cigar Cases:

These units are great for carrying two or three cigars. They are small, and can be fit in a jacket, shirt or pant pocket. The construction is such that they are limited in their ability to keep cigars humidified (especially in Colorado!). For a day supply of cigars they are a good convenient alternative. Some newer humidification systems help in keeping the cigars fresh in these units.


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