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About Us

At Stag, we believe that the enjoyment of smoking is an experience that every adult should be able to partake in. Toward that end, we offer our customers the finest quality products, with the largest selection in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

The story of Stag Tobacconist is about people that love the leaf – both pipes and cigars. In 1979, Lou Winterfield was newly retired from the Air Force and took the opportunity to purchase Stag Tobacconist. The original Stag was located in the Citadel Mall, with a humidor space of less than 300 square feet. The cigars were all displayed on wall units and two customers in there at the same time was maximum capacity! It was a start, but by listening to his customers and stocking their requests, the business grew and the philosophy of giving the customer what they want continues today.

In 1998 it become clear the mall location was not large enough. Stag relocated a few blocks away on Platte Avenue. The Platte Avenue location was 3,500 square feet with a 1,000sf retail humidor. This new location allowed Stag to greatly expand the selection and presentation of quality hand-rolled cigars as well as expanded space for pipes and pipe tobacco. Veronica Fenner was brought in at this time to handle the inventory and merchandising duties. Veronica is now the Managing Partner of Stag Tobacconist.

In September of 2005 Stag again saw the need for a new location. The present location, near Austin Bluffs and Academy, put Stag closer to many of its customers in a free-standing building with an outside smoking deck, expanded smoking lounge and dedicated humidor for pipe tobaccos. The main walk-in humidor today is larger than the entire original store!

At Stag, we offer the largest selection along the Front Range and one of the largest “west of the Mississippi”. Our selection includes cigars and pipes in every price range, at a competitive price. Our staff is knowledgeable and trained to assist you in your purchase, and our goal is to have you satisfied to the point that you will return as a customer and recommend us to you friends!

The ownership of Stag believes in the right of every adult to purchase and enjoy cigars – a legal product. Stag has been recognized as one of the top locations in the nation in recruiting like-minded individuals to become member of the Cigar Rights of America (CRA), an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of adults to purchase and enjoy cigars.

The original objective, to offer the customer the best products available, is still alive and well. We hope you have the opportunity to visit us soon and experience the Dream!

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