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How To Season Your Humidor

How to Season Your Humidor

Congratulations on your new humidor. With minimal care and attention, it will give you many years of trouble-free service. Before you use your humidor, it needs to be “seasoned”. This is easy to accomplish and takes very little time. All you need is new sponge and distilled water.

 Note: Some manufacturers of humidification systems do not suggest that you use this system. The instructions below are based on the experience of our staff and our altitude. This is the procedure that we use in-house and have had excellent results with.

Wipe all areas of the humidor that have exposed cedar with the sponge containing the distilled water. Apply enough distilled water to slightly moisten the wood (not excessively!). The wood will glisten for a few seconds as the sponge passes along. Be sure to moisten any dividers or trays if they are included.

Close the humidor and wait 24 hours before adding cigars and humidification units to the humidor.

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